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Light switch Timer

Robotic Light Switch Timer


Automatically turning off light switches is cool, messing with hi voltage electricity is not.  Okay, so your house probably doesn’t have a third rail running through it, but I wouldn’t dare start screwing with my home’s electrical wiring for fear of electrocution.  The Light Switch Timer mounts over any standard...

Cherry Chomper

Cherry Chomping Machine


Cherries.  They’re a delicious snack but are laborious to eat thanks to their pitted center.  Enter the Cherry Chomper.  Place the cherry into its mouth, press down and whamo, the pits is exorcised from its inner being.  Now you can enjoy cherries without breaking a tooth. You can grab one...


EcoPod Foot Powered Trash Compactor


The EcoPod helps you maximize your green thumb by compacting your recycling.  You just place the can, bottle or whatever your fancy into one of the three holes, step down and out the bottom fires a compacted version.  Now that daily trip to the recycling bin will hopefully become weekly...

Misting Fan

Self Sufficient Misting Fan


Climates with an excessive amount of humidity and heat can be unbearable at times, unless of course you have the luxury of a misting system.  This outdoor fan has a built-in reservoir that holds enough water for up to 8 hours continuous misting.  And although you won’t need a garden...


ThinkGeek’s Power Bullet Charger


Not too sure why it’s called the Power Bullet Charger, but it actually looks like a decent product.  Effectively allowing you to eliminate a charger from your stockpile, the Power Bullet Charger has both a wall charger and a car charger in the same build. Also housing a dual USB...

Electrolux Shine

Electrolux SHINE Washing Machine Concept


If you live in Tokyo, New York City, Boston or San Francisco, heck even Los Angeles it probably means some sort of walk to the laundry machine, be it in building or to the local laundry mat.  To address this problem – oh and it’s a massive one, I assure...

Pacman Cutting Board

PacMan Cutting Board


You’ll pretty much pay top dollar for anything that is a throw back to an 80s video game.  And such is the case of the PacMan Cutting Board.  It costs $165, and for that you get a pixelated, wooden snap shot of PacMan about to munch down a power pill...

Tanita Sleep Scan SL-501

Tanita Sleep Scan SL-501 Mat Sleeps With You


I wake up all the time wondering why I feel great one day and like crap the next.  Tanita Sleep Scan SL-501 is a mat that you place on your bed and underneath your sheets.  Using a set of microphones it records and detects your body motion, heart rate and...