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Pacman Mug

Disappearing Pacman On A Mug


Hand this mug to someone, fill it with hot cider/tea/eggnog and Pacman, his enemies and tasty fruit treats will reveal themselves, that is until the beverage cools.  This mug has Urban Outfitter written all over it, but nonetheless, it could make the perfect holiday gift for the die retro gamer....


Collapsing Ladder Great For Small Homes And Double Wides

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It’s probably safe to assume that more people would own ladders if they could store them effectively.  Especially those tight on space.  Condensing down to 2.5 feet during storage the ladder will extend to 12.5.  Assembled using aircraft aluminum and steel connectors, this ladder is quite the engineering marvel. No...

Street Fighter 4 Snuggie

Street Fighter 4 Snuggie Is Real!


The Star Wars Snuggie might be fake as shit, but the Street Fighter VI Snuggie, yup, it’s the real deal.  Capcom won’t say if it will be bursting onto Walmart’s endless stack of shelves but at least die hard gamers and deuce bags can find some common ground. Read...


Casmobot Lawnmower Controlled With A Wiimote (video)


It’s always pretty interesting to see other things besides the Wii get controlled via Wiimote.  Some have hooked it to Airsoft guns or what have you, but today I’ve dug up a little something interesting. Thanks to the Casmobot lawn mower, developed by scientists at the University of Southern Denmark,...

drink no more

Drink No More Keeps Unwanted Drinkers Out Of Your Toilet


For everyone out there who’s sick of their pets (and occasionally those wacky drunken relatives) using their toilet as a free drinking fountain, take note, because the gadget of your dreams has emerged. It’s called the Drink No More, and it’s implanted on the underside of the toilet lid.  Once...


Litterworks’ Automatic Litter Box Cuts Down A Tough Job


If you’ve got cats, then you know what the worst thing about having them is.  Namely, it’s their litterboxes.  Cats are pooping in your house, and you’re left to clean it up. Did we lose a war? Yes, I know, once again, Simpsons did it first.  But you can now...


The Only Whole Body Massage Chair And They Mean It


This may well be a truly pompous pronouncement, but the worst of it is that this sheer pomposity is in the NAME of the product.  From Hammacher Schlemmer, it’s called the Only Whole Body Massage Chair, and it is, pretty much, what it says on the box.  It is a...