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Digital Bathtub

Digital Bathtub Thermometer RetroFits Any Faucet with No Installation

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Cooking your kids, while great if you’re a cannibal with a penchant for Casey Anthony syndrome (she’s so guilty), is probably not a good idea if you wanna remain in the good graces of society, not to mention on the other side of the steel bars.  So to insure you...

Crux Mug

Love Indoor Rock Climbing? Then You’ll Love the Crux Mugs


As it happens, I recently spent the afternoon at an indoor rock climbing gym in San Francisco.  It had been 10 years since I attempted such a feat, and despite my absence from the sport I didn’t fare too badly. Compared to the majority of the people in attendance, though, I was...


Astronaut Bed Sheets Send Dreams To Mars and Beyond

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Bed Sheets have no technical prowess.  They’re slabs of cotton, often printed with the most benign of patterns.  However, I’m willing to make exception for the Zombie Bed Sheets, and now I can add these to the list: the Astronaut Bed Sheets. They’re made of 100% cotton, which is a...

Crystal Doorknob-1

This Crystal Skull Doorknob Lights Up With Touch


If there is an ice cube worthy of my whiskey, it most certainly is the Skull Ice Cube.  It’s just too bad it melts once it’s removed from the freezer, and something tells me they probably don’t turn out as good-looking as the pictures.  So to enjoy that wonderful aesthetic...

Magical Bday Candle

Watch This Magical Birthday Candle Shoot Sparks and Transform Into a Flaming Flower (video)


[GR]F0HKo-S0tGA[/GR] When I was a young child, birthday candles came in two forms: a number signifying your age and the traditional slim sticks.  If you had playful parents, with a sense for tom foolery, they would have bought you the relighting candles.  I was not fortunate enough to have those...

My Side Her Side Pillow Cases

“My Side Your Side” Pillow Cases Are Astute Social Commentary for All Couples


The Zombie Bed Sheets are probably the least welcoming addition to any bed, especially if you’re trying to score a little hanky-panky from a new somebody.  So what’s the key to getting the ladies between the sheets? First, remove any indication of old bed sheets.  The ones with firetrucks and...

RF Floor Duster

Remote Controlled Floor Duster Lets You Clean From Your Sofa (video)


It turns out that the Japanese are just as lazy as Americans.  My proof?  This remote-controlled duster. Okay, so sweeping generalizations aside, I’d actually love to give this thing a go on my hardwood floors, which don’t measure more than a few hundred square feet, with 85% of them visible...


iPhone App Ice Cube Tray is the Perfect Compliment to an Appletini


There are no shortage of fun and quirky ice cube trays.  Case in point are the AK-47 Ice Cube tray and the recently featured Skull Ice Cube Tray.  Now you can add the  iCubes Ice Cube Tray to your freezer. Unfortunately, I can’t tell what variety of apps are imprinted on...

Skull Ice Cube Tray

Skull Ice Cube Tray Pairs Perfectly with that Skull Vodka from Dan Aykroyd


At this point we all know that ice cubes can come in all shapes and sizes.  Course, none of these sizes and shapes are yet available as the default ice cube maker off the store shelf.  Nevertheless, I’ll settle for making one-off floating polar bears, bullets, lego, and star wars...


Philips Lumiware Color Changing Coasters Are the Perfect New Year’s Eve Gift


If you’re looking to add some pizzaz to your living room, or simply don’t want folks spilling their drink (when the lights are off), then you need these LED coasters from Philips. They’re officially called the Philips Lumiware Color Changing Coasters, and include a wireless charging pad so you never have...

Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed

Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed Cooks the Cat at Night


Cats love to bask in the sun.  Heck, I’m a human, and I too love to lounge around in the sun’s radiant rays.  That’s why I’m a bit envious of this cat sleeping perch, the Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed. Needless to say, the outside of it is made from Bamboo, so...