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Floating Hotel

Sleep Under The Sea On Floating Hotel


Those who like to take extraordinary vacations (and have the funds to back it up) will want to book a stay at the Manta Resort, which is a new getaway destination in Zanzibar that features a unique floating hotel that’s a few hundred feet offshore. Not only is this hotel...

Legoland Hotel

The Scoop On The All-New Legoland Hotel


The all-new Legoland Hotel opened its doors for fans and guests on Friday, April 5, 2013 to much anticipation. Located right next door to the theme park in Carlsbad, CA, the 3-story hotel has 250 rooms and all sorts of wonderful LEGO creations. There’s about 3,500 LEGO models scattered around...

dont disturb chalk board hanger

Do Not Disturb Chalk Board


Hotels have caught on to guests stealing their Do Not Disturb door hangers.  As a result, most have opted for a version that fits into the key card slot.  And not only does it prevent the theft of the signs, but it saves on paper.  No matter, because you’re best...