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Godzilla Hoodie Lets You Dream Of Stomping


For all of us, there has been at least one moment where we want to be Godzilla. Maybe it’s a moment when you’re frustrated in traffic. Perhaps it’s a moment when you wish they’d just tear down that eyesore of a building already. But we’ve all wanted to be the...


Come Together With The Voltron Hoodie


If there’s an article of clothing that’s quietly become a uniform for the modern era, it’s the humble hoodie. They are apparently the item of choice for everyone from women having their period, if ads are to be believed, to tech giants. And now, the hoodie has finally become better…...


Meet the Drinkmaster Hoodie, Your Winter Drinking Companion


On a cold Saturday night, a friend once suggested that I “drink myself a coat.” Now, there’s no need – you can get a hoodie specifically designed for drinking! Retailing for $60, the high-quality cotton/poly blend Drinkmaster Hoodie features a Neoprine-lined beer koozie pocket, bottle opener zipper, built-in drinking gloves...

Chewbacca Sweatshirt

This Star Wars Chewbacca Hoodie is Repugnant Awesomeness


Dressing in a pair of matching shoes, t-shirt, and pants is about as far away as you can get from being stylish.  However, this is an exception: Halloween. And that’s exactly when this Chewbacca Sweatshirt from Eckō, combined with the Chewbacca bag no less (available at ThinkGeek for $80), will...