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Captain America Hoodie


The latest Captain America movie (yes, there were others) was by far and away the best of not only the series, but of one of the best of the comic book genre.  Sure, things got a bit stale towards the end of the flick, but the beginning, which is when...

Batman HOodie Classy

Bruce Wayne Approved Batman Hoodie


We’ve seen our fair share of Batman hoodies (here and here), and believe us when we say we’d never wear them, masked or not masked.  However, this one has a nice old school look that is far more tolerable than previous iterations.  Plus, it doesn’t scream beat me up.  We...


Hoodiebuddie: A Sweatshirt With Drawstring Headphones


Cold? Listen to music much?  Then you need the HoodieBuddie. The draw strings double as a set of ear buds – the cord is woven directly into the fabric.  A hidden front right pocket with a 3.5mm headphone jack connects your media player of choice to the secret headphones.  Word...


Gmail Hoodie Keeps Your Tech Cred Visible


For those dying to show their love for Google’s mail service (and hey — who wouldn’t?), the official Gmail hoodie is now available. Constructed of grey American Apparel material, there’s no word out on whether user themes or labels are available for the hoodie. Maybe when it gets out of...


Batman Hoodie: Cape Yourself A Crusader

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Late last year we showed you the Storm Trooper Hoodie.  Although it appealed to my inner geek, the reviews were a bit mixed amongst our commenters.  So here’s another, although not quite as cool:  The Batman Full Image Hoodie.  Actually, the more I think about it, well, it’s a bit...