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Honeywell HHT-145 HEPAClean Germ Reducing Air Purifier Review

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I desperately try to avoid cliches, at least at the beginning of reviews.  However, there are times when they’re justifiably called for.  That being said, the Honeywell HHT-145 HEPAClean is the Cadillac of air purifiers. It’s jam packed with features that include a 1-18 hour timer, a UV light for destroying dust...

honeywell true hepa air filter

Honeywell True HEPA Air Filter Review

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Raise your hand if you’re skeptical about Hepa filters? Since you can’t see what I’m doing, I’m literally raising my hand, or use to.  That is until I had the chance to test out Honeywell’s True HEPA Compact Tower air purifier. In terms of the gadgets we review it’s relatively unremarkable.  It’s...


Honeywell Prestige Hi-Def Touchscreen Thermostat


Honeywell’s Prestige is most certainly not your mom’s thermostat.  In fact it is only fitting that in the era of the iPhone that a thermostat with a high def color touchscreen should emerge.  Also included in the Prestige package is a wireless remote and compatibility with an outdoor sensor to...

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