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Bang & Olufsen Beo6 Wireless Remote Control


With a new version of its home theater system remote, Bang & Olufsen beings wireless control to its living room entertainment system. The Beo6 replaces the Beo5 and looks good doing it. A glass display with touch interface provides for the more complex aspects of the interaction, and it’s connected...

SLIMstage30 Profile

Aperion Signature SLIMstage30 Soundbar Review

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[rating:4] Pros: Modern design looks great and fits in with flat-panel displays Fulfilling bass production Fully customizable EQ settings Cons: No HDMI input Simulated surround sound doesn’t fully envelope Cheap plastic controller Today, technology is all about housing as much power as possible in small packages. The audio-enthused are seemingly...

Vintage Mobile Cinema

Vintage Mobile Cinema


The Vintage Mobile Cinema means you can screen a movie anytime any where, that is provided of course that you live in the UK.  But geographic location issues aside this is one bad ass piece of kit. The truck was built by the British government in the 1960s to promote...

Acoustic Emersion Pod

Sound Proofed Studio Surround Sound Chair


Mork and Mindy meet home theater alien bliss.  Don’t remember the show?  No problem, just keep on reading for more info about this ridiculously crazy looking and overpriced home theater seat.  Home theater you say?  Yuppers.  This red chair isn’t just an ode to the 70s.  It includes five 3...


TruLink Wireless HDMI Kit


Those having trouble achieving that true HDTV flush wall mount action they’re looking for “might” want to check out the TruLink Wireless HDMI Kit.  The kit transmits at 60GHz and is effective up to 30 feet away for your HDMI cable, Blu-ray player, PS3, or Xbox 360. The downside is...


Home Theater Headpiece: The TV Hat


Ah yes, perfect for the campsite as pictured above.  Taking the whole Vizio thing a couple steps further, The TV Hat is ready to take you to a introverted place of the likes in which you’ve never seen before.  The TV Hat uses a 2.5x magnification screen to broadcast the...