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Netgear’s Arlo: The Best Home Security Cameras?


Netgear has made a big move into the home automation world with the release of Arlo, a friendly mini-camera system that seems to be just the start of Netgear’s ultimate smart home plans. Arlo is a fairly simple smart security system on the surface. Designed for the growing DIY home security...


Piper: Home Security Just Got Tiny And Cute


Increasingly, we want to be able to monitor our homes even when we’re not there. Maybe you’ve got a dog we want to keep an eye on, maybe you want to see if the maid really is rubbing her butt on everything you touch, maybe you’re the Jigsaw Killer, hey,...

Swann ADS-440 SwannEye Camera main

Swann ADS-440 SwannEye Camera Review


A video camera that can be used for surveillance needs to be designated for that purpose: trying to adapt a webcam or other camera can be an exercise in futility. That’s especially true today where mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can use a surveillance app tied into a specific...


VueZone Personal Video Network Review


[Rating: 4/5] If you’re the kind of person to put cameras inside your house, for anything from making sure your kids are doing their homework (spying on them) to basic security, there aren’t a lot of good options. That is, there aren’t many camera options that won’t clear your bank...


The Backup For The Situation


This is a real product I swear!  Those of you who sleep with one eye open may want to install The Backup.  This bedside gun holster should effectively bring the wild west into the 21st century.  According to the website, “Approximately 30 million households have at least one shotgun”.  That’s...