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WeMo Brings Wireless Control To The…Crockpot?

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The crockpot is one of the most useful kitchen tools ever invented. This is not sarcasm; if you can chop things, put them in a pot, and add liquid, a slow cooker essentially makes it possible for you to cook. But, of course, even the humble crockpot can be improved,...


Revolv Links All Your Wireless Home Devices Together


There’s a lot of wireless stuff out there, and appliances are getting smarter all the time. But it also leads to digital clutter; you’ll have half a dozen apps on your phone to control half a dozen different items. That’s where the Revolv comes in. One Hub, One App Essentially,...

Belkin Wemo Switch

Belkin WeMo Switch Review


Not too many years ago, the words “home automation” were only uttered by the rich and elite.  However, with the emergence of smartphones and ubiquitous in-home WiFi, home automation can be had at a fraction of the cost of a custom system of a time past.  There are a variety of companies...

Serena Shades Review

Serena Shades by Lutron Electronics Review


In the realm of home automation, it seems like you can get pretty much anything anymore.  I personally have reviewed automated cameras, door locks, lights, and thermostats – but there is so much more out there.  We are really starting to approach the level of tech inside of our houses...


Nest Learning Thermostat (video)


Did you know that 50% of your energy bill is derived from heating and cooling your home?  Did you also know that you can cut that number by as much as 20% if you program your thermostat?  But let’s be real, who does that?!  More often than not we just walk...