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Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector Goes Boom In The Night


For all you fireworks junkies out there, the Sega Indoor Fireworks Projector takes the danger and financial burden out of cornea burning displays of holiday.  Not so sure whether or not this is actually made from the iconic video game company, I’m interested in seeing just how cool this thing...


Past And Present Video Game Controller Ornaments

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With Christmas tree set-up creeping around the corner, gamers and holiday enthusiasts will embrace these cool looking game controller ornaments designed by Ponoko.  Sold in sets of 7 with multiple color choices to choose from I was instantly struck with some quality nostalgia upon seeing these. On sale now for...


Solar Powered Christmas Lights


Even though winter isn’t generally known for sun, a beefy array of Christmas lights will always run up your electricity bill.  These solar powered lights might be a great alternative for those on a budget but not willing to cut out the holiday cheer.  However, the cost of this expensive...


The SimpleHuman Automatic Soap Dispenser

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Ever wish your bathroom was more like one you’d find in an upscale boutique hotel?  Dress up your favorite homeless guy as a bathroom attendant and buy this automatic soap dispenser from SimpleHuman and you’re just about there. Powered by four AA batteries the dispenser has an LED that lights...


USB Beer Can Humidifier By Green House


Anybody looking for weird and obscure USB gadgets this holiday season may want to check this out.   It’s a mini-USB humidifier that’s shaped like some weird Japanese beer can.  When those long stints at your computer leave you exceptionally dry, this may be the perfect solution. Using this mini-humidifier is...


TGS Official News: Nintendo Wii Will Receive Price Cut

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So I think it’s safe to say, unofficially of course, that this will be a very good holiday season for video games.  At today’s TGS Nintendo has officially announced that the Wii will go down to $199 on September 27th in the US and October 1st in Japan. Not that...