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Illuminated jetbib

Motion Activated Light Up Jet Bib


The Illuminated JetBib is clearly for infants, right?  Wrong.  Sure, you’re loved one will wear it, but at the end of the day you’re purchasing this fancy light up bib for your own pleasure.  And why the hell not?  The airplane game was fun when you were a kid, assuming...

Storm Trooper StarWars iPhone Case

Storm Trooper And Darth Vader iPhone Cases


Why we didn’t see these Star Wars iPhone cases 2+ years ago when the iPhone launched is beyond me, but nonetheless they’re here.  For $30 you get a hard shell case (fits 3G or 3GS only) with either Darth Vader or a Storm Trooper’s face adhered to the back.   Ships...


Nokia N900 Now Shipping


A tad behind schedule, but never the less the Nokia N900 has begun to ship to customers throughout the world.  We’ve already got a brief hands on with the phone and I’m just hoping that they fixed some of the lag problems we saw at CTIA San Diego (videos after...

aqua jar

Aqua Jar Turns Any Water Bottle Into A Pitcher

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I love the absolutely simple but brilliant products.  Such is the case of the Aqua Jar.  It attaches to the universal screw top of any water bottle and instantly turns it into a pitcher.  It’s made from biodegradable and recyclable plastic and comes in orange, graphite and frost.  I’m not...


XM’s Skydock Now Available For $95


While I’m confident that satellite radio is sure to fail that doesn’t mean that new and cool products for the service aren’t worth noting.  Starting today XM’s Skydock is available for purchase from a barrage of retailers including Amazon, who has it for about $95.  If you recall, the Skydock...