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Simpsons Talking Alarm Clock

The Simpsons Talking Alarm Clock

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Waking up in the morning is never a fun experience, even at the tender age of 30 I struggle with the daily activity.  But not any more thanks to ‘The Simpsons Talking Bar Buddies Alarm Clock’.  Each character speaks three different phrases to wake you up at the crack of...

Beer Belt

Beer Belt Facilitates Quick Fire Shotgunning


You best be prepared at next Sunday’s tailgate party and that means sporting the Beer Belt, a quick fire 6 beer holster.  And I know what you’re thinking, “where’s the insulation”.  But don’t you see?  The purpose of this military equipped beer drinking device is to guzzle your can (or...

fossil stark-palindrome-too-watch

Fossil S+tark- Palindrome Too Watch


The floating hover board from Back To The Future II may never become reality – I’m sorely disappointed by this prospect, or lack there of – but if anything is an ode to the styles that were represented in that futuristic movie, and on the cheap, it’s the S+tark- Palindrome...


Incase Perforated Snap Case


I’m a firm believer in brandishing an iPhone in the raw.  What I mean by that is that no case should be added.  But of course, then Incase goes and intros the Perforated Snap Case and totally throws me a curve ball.  Just like the pair of Clae sneakers I...


A 90 Second Beer Chiller, Just Add Ice And Beer

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Jamming warm beers into a freezer will hardly result in a cold beverage minutes later.  Submerging them in ice water on the other hand, that’ll result in a cold beer before you’re done firing up the charcoal grill. And hence this portable sized beer chiller.  Sure, it has gimmick written...