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Toshiba’s New 4K Laptop Will Turn Heads, Shrink Icons


Laptops are not in the best of places in the current computer market. Tablets are rapidly overtaking their place as the most popular format for getting your web surfing and email done. But they’re not going down without a fight, as Toshiba proves with their latest laptop. 4K…ish Granted, their...


11 High-end iPhone 5 Cases (list)


For some, a $20 case just isn’t enough to compliment a $650+ smartphone, the iPhone 5.   Which is why many should look to these luxury, high-end iPhone 5 cases. From premium leather to durable aluminum, these luxury cases are anything but cheap.  However, not only will they protect your...


Fatman iTube ValveDock Carbon Edition II For Your iPod/iPhone


Looking like it escaped from some crazy audio laboratory, the Fatman iTube ValveDock Carbon Edition II wants to spread your wallet apart ($700) with the vigor of a 7-10 split from a prosthetic arm.  Compatible with all iPods/iPhones barring the iPod Shuffle, this beast of audio slaughter is a one-piece...


H=Jacket With Attached BackPack


The H by ‘Harris H=Jacket looks pretty epic.  I’m sure we’ll soon see this featured in some highly stylized action movie.  With a sleek aesthetic and questionable design this jacket hybrid will only really be comfortable in limited scenarios. From the looks of the picture, another person could for whatever...

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