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HelSTAR Puts A Brake Light On The Back Of A Cyclist’s Head


Cyclists have something of a conundrum. They have to signal everything they do as clearly and loudly as possible, but they also have limited tools with which to do so. Cyclists have tried everything from hand gestures to reflectors to custom systems, but HelSTAR might have them all beaten with...

LightMode Helmets Make Safety Awesome


Motorcyclists have a tough image, but in reality, they’ve got to drive carefully, especially at night. The sad reality is in the battle of car vs. motorcyclist, the car wins, every time. Visibility becomes crucial, especially at night… so why not make it awesome? Tron Every Day Essentially, LightMode is...

SkullyHelmets 1 HelmetDesign

The Skully Helmet Mixes Good Ideas And Bad Ones


Motorcycling is dangerous. Take a doctor to a bar and he’ll pretty consistently refer to a Harley or a Kawasaki as a donorcycle, since motorcycle accidents tend to be a major source of transplant organs. So anything that reduces the risk is good, while anything that increases it is high....

Tunebug Shake Portable Speaker - 3

Tunebug Shake Portable Speaker Review


Wearing headphones is without a doubt a calculated risk.  There is the potential for hearing loss, but more importantly not hearing or being aware of your surroundings, such as an out of control dump truck.  Add into the mix a bicycle and we’re talking about a serious road hazard to...


Bicycle Helmet Concept Stinks It Up For Your Safety


For all the good helmets do, they could be a lot better. If you spill a few times, you really don’t have a good idea whether your helmet is still safe to use. To fix that, a team of researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechanics of Materials IWM in...