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MP3 Player Shaped Like Hello Kitty’s Head


All right, Sanrio buffs, brace yourself because another bit of Hello Kitty ephemera has made its way to market.  There have been many Hello Kitty MP3 players over the years–almost as long as there have been MP3 players there have been Hello Kitty MP3 players–but this one is somewhat different....


Will The Real Hello Kitty Cell Phone Please Ring?


Cute and pink? Who wouldn't want one! According to our tipster this is the 'official' Hello Kitty phone, and considering the shape and copious amounts of cuteness I'd have to agree. Further convincing Japanese school girls to pick one of these up is an included carrying case,...


Say Hola To The Hello Kitty C101K3W Laptop


Really, a Hello Kitty laptop is hardly a surprise.  Adult toys branded with the Hello Kitty design on the other hand is a totally different story.  Digression aside, Onkyo is behind this here laptop but they’ve seared it with their SOTEC brand, tossed in an Intel Atom N270 processor, 1GB ...