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PulseOn heart rate monitor

PulseOn Redefines The Heart Monitor (video)


Get the most from your training without the uncomfortableness of bulky chest belts with the PulseOn heart monitor that accurately and reliably measures everything from your rest.  Thanks to its proprietary optical heart rate sensor technology and sophisticated algorithms, you’ll be able to analyze your hear rate in a wide...


FINIS Announces the “AquaPulse” Heart Rate Monitor


The other day FINIS announced the immediate availability of their new AquaPulse Heart Rate Monitor, an audible heart rate monitor designed to help swimmers with staying fit.  Being an avid swimmer, and someone who’s on a real fitness kick lately (a sister’s wedding will do that to you) I’m quite...

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Oregon Scientific Heart Rate Monitor Tells You When To Drink Water


Oregon Scientific is the creator of this rather touchy heart rate monitoring watch. Get it? Touchy, because it has a touchscreen. Allright, not funny. But you can indeed tap the screen to change between the several modes the SH201 possesses. Aside from three exercise profilIes (jogging, running and cycling) it...