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Tosee Is The Cigarette Holder That Tracks Your Smoking


Sure, you’re not supposed to smoke. We all know that. Many of us, though, do it anyway, and want to know more about what we’re putting in our bodies beyond, well, burning tar. Or at least how much burning tar we’re putting into our bodies… which is where Tosee comes...

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How to Properly Use a Standing Desk


With more and more of today’s jobs being sedentary, it’s become a real health concern for many people. Everything from obesity and weakened muscles to an increased risk of heart disease can be linked to inactivity and lack of exercise. A major catalyst for this phenomenon is the large number...

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HeartMath Inner Balance Sensor Review

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ome people are naturally more nervous than others — but who doesn’t have something bothering them on some level, whether that’s a significant other, a job, the weather…you name it? Part of 21st Century life is being bothered by something, and while that might be great for those who sell...


Lumoback Will Correct Your Posture With Your Smartphone


Recently, I threw out my back. Currently, I can either lie down, stand, or sit at an awkward angle, and that’s pretty much it. Thus, needless to say I have suddenly developed an intense interest in back support and care regimens, which is why I bring you the Lumo, a...




Stepping on the bathroom scale ain’t exactly a walk in the park.  The experience is usually more closely tied to that of a roller coaster ride, which is to say it’s usually full of fear and hesitation.  So how about a scale that offers a bit more pizazz and game...


4iiii Visual Intuition Sportiiiis Review


Most of us associate a HUD (heads up display) with fighter jets or science fiction movies. But such things are real and available for consumers, if not in the configuration you see onscreen. Take the Sportiiiis for example. It gives you the advantage of an unobtrusive HUD in that it’s...