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sony ultimate headset

Sony’s DR-GA500 Headset Is For The Gaming Elite


Sony’s new DR-GA500 headset is intended to give you the battlefield advantage during online gaming through some fancy 7.1-channel sound. It even comes with an external sound processor to make sure you know just exactly where a guy is creeping up on you. The headset has a mic for team...

Astro A30 Gaming Headset

Astro A30: A High End Affordable Gaming Headset


One word is appropriate to describe professional gamers: intense. You don’t win national tournaments like the MLG (Major League Gaming) without being committed. In 2008, Astro Gaming, a sub-studio of design firm Astro Studios, released their high quality A40 headset specifically for these gamers. Now, Astro is set to release...

black ops throat mic for iPhone

An iPhone Compatible Black Ops Throat Mic


You’d have to have some seriously huge nards to wanna wear the Black Ops Throat Mic in public, but that’s exactly what they intend for you to do since it’s iPhone compatible.  Then again, nothing is worse then the geektastic Bluetooth headsets that people wear as every day jewelry. Like...


Plantronics Voygaer PRO Bluetooth Headset Officially Launches


Last night Aliph unveiled their latest Jawbone Bluetooth headset, the Prime.  Interesting, because Plantronics just officially launched ‘their most advanced headset’ to date.  Is it me or do I sense a little competition going down?  Anyway, we actually saw the Plantronics Voyager PRO a few days early due to a...