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Steelseries Siberia V2

Steelseries Siberia V2 Headset Review


[Rating: 4] Pros: Excellent audio quality with soft, accurate sound Lightweight design is safe, very comfortable Blue on silver color scheme a visual stunner Cons: Minimal noise cancellation, not good in noisy surroundings Rubber cabling is, for PC users, outdated I already pointed out they were blue headphones, didn’t I?...

SteelSeries Siberia Neckband

Steelseries Siberia Neckband Review

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[Rating: 4.5] It’s one thing when major retailers want to sell a company’s product. Company executives have a meeting, an agreement is reached, and in a few months’ time that product hits store shelves. But when it comes to Apple stores, something very different happens. Apple controls everything it sells,...


Limited Edition Call of Duty: Black Ops Tritton Headset Review


[rating: 3.5] Pros: Clear communication with easy controls PS3, 360 and PC accessible Functional simulated surround sound Cons: Heavily favors bass tones No cross-compatibility outside of home theater There was once a time when Hollywood couldn’t be touched when it came to over-inflated marketing budgets—hell, “blockbuster” is a term the...

5XB Pro

SteelSeries Spectrum 5XB Review


[Rating: 4] Pros: Light and comfortable for hours Excellent for travel Cons: Doesn’t cancel outside noise No included travel bag Headphones and game consoles aren’t especially compatible. The method used by Logitech with their F540 was ingenious and worked great as a stereo headset, but most of today’s headsets rely...

Sony DR-350USB

Sony’s Newest Headphones Don’t Look Too Shabby


Sony has been scrapping to make a come back and apparently so far so good.  Perhaps in an attempt to solidify their supposed comeback, they kicked out 3 new headphones that aren’t looking too shabby. First up is the DR-350USB, a USB PC headphone with a boom, 30mm drivers and...

Razer Chimaera Professional Gaming Headset for Xbox 360

Razer Chimaera Professional Gaming Headset For Xbox 360


In addition, or to compliment to the Onza Controller, Razer also has plans for a wireless headset built specifically for the Xbox 360, the Chimarea.  It incorporates 5.1-channel virtually surround sound and a daisy-chain solution that lets players, who are residing in the same physical location, to created a private...

spracht aura

Spracht Aura Headset Might Just Be Coolest Ever


The Spracht Aura, ladies and gentlemen, may sound like a total kludge in terms of naming conventions, but I can assure you that anyone who calls this the coolest Bluetooth headset ever is not speaking out of turn, but is rather arguably correct. Sure, any time you introduce value judgments...


The Bionic Ear Headphone, For The Amateur Spy

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All right, spies in the audience, time for you to get your loadout!  No, we don’t have any exploding pens or nerve gas shoe bladders, and don’t even ask where your laser gun is.  We’ve had some budget cuts, okay? But what we DO have is a little something from...


BananaPhone BlueTooth Headset


Just in time for Halloween comes this funny BananaPhone BlueTooth Headset that will allow people around you to view you as you’ve always wanted to be viewed.  Absolutely crazy.  With an undisclosed amount of awesome scenarios you could use this in, it’s actually cheap enough ($18) to warrant a purchase. ...