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Atrio M5 Headphones

Future Sonic Atrio M5 Special Edition Headphone Review


[rating: 3.5/5] Pros: Crisp and clear sound Massively deep lows especially for ear buds Includes a carrying case and variety of ear buds sizes and styles for all Cons: Expensive Boring brown finish that looks cheap Headphones are by far and away, much like speakers, a subjective experience. A number...

Marshall Major Headphones

Marshall Major Headphone Review (video)


[rating: 3/5] Pros: Marshall’s 51 years of branding Gold plug and plates add to the allure 40mm drivers Cons: Uncomfortable after just 15 minutes of use Adjustable sliders feel cheap A bit bright and lack low lows I’m not bananas about branded products. More often than not it’s a case...

Able Planet Clear Harmony Noise Canceling Headphones Review

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[rating: 3.5/5] Pros: Vast sonic abilities with great amplitude Lightweight and comfortable construction Includes carrying case, adapters and inline volume control Cons: Noise canceling abilities are a bit antiquated Pricey Suffering from distraction can mean the difference between success and failure. Take for instance myself. As I write this review...