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Cydle Mp3 and Video Player - 1

CES 2010: Cydle Mobile TV and HD Radio PMP’s


Cydle had some cool looking PMP’s at their booth by way of one HD radio and Mobile TV players.  Each were priced at a decent subscription free $120 and should see shelf time around March of this year.  The players could be viewed vertically and horizontally and had a host...

Gigaware HD Radio Accessory iPhone

HD Radio Arrives On The iPhone, Requires Gigaware Navigation Control HD Radio Receiver


I knew it was coming – well, actually I hoped it was coming, but here it is: HD radio for the iPod Touch and iPhone.  (Last week I wrote about the official release of the XM Skydock for the iPhone and although I think it’s a solid product for anyone...


Polk Audio I-Sonic HD Radio And iPod Speaker System Review

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I’m surprised how many people still don’t know what HD Radio is.  The best way I can describe it is that every major radio station that you know has an HD version and is simultaneously broadcast with its analog version.  Simple right?  Admittedly I had gone years without ever hearing...


Onkyo Unveils P-A1 Dock For The iPod And UP-HT1 HD Radio Tuner


Onkyo pushed out two new products today that should receive an underwhelming response: the UP-A1 dock and charger for the iPod and the UP-HT1 HD Radio tuner.  The UP-HT1 HD Radio tuner hooks up to an Onkyo receiver and provides it, and you guessed it, HD radio.  The UP-A1 dock...


iLuv iHD171: An HD Radio With An iPod/iPhone Dock


iLuv doesn’t look to be impacted by the economic downturn. Today they unveiled yet another new product for ’09, and I gotta say, I like what I’m seeing. At a glance, the iLuv iHD171 appears to be your garden variety bedside alarm clock with iPod dock. But wait there’s more!...