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ContourGPS HD Headcam Tracks Your GPS Data (video)


Contour’s new 1080p HD ContourGPS Headcam is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen in awhile. Not just because it’s capable of capturing 1080p video on a headcam, but now you can capture GPS data that charts exactly where you are when you’re taking the video. The idea is that...


Record Your Fall Memories With JVC’s HD Pocket Cams


It looks like all the companies are debuting new HD Pocket Cams (perhaps in anticipation of the new school year?) The latest is the offering from JVC, the Picsio GC-WP10 and GC-FM2. Both have 1080p/30fps HD recording, three-inch touchscreens, SD card slots, HDMI output, and 4x digital zoom. Eye-Fi wireless...

Kodak PlayTouch

Kodak Playtouch HD Camcorder


New week, new pocket camcorders! Kodak’s Playtouch HD Camcorder does stabilized 1080p video with full stereo audio. It’s other specs are pretty standard for the pocketcam category, but Kodak’s image quality for these things (as evidenced by the Zi8) is top-notch. There’s a 3-inch capacitive touchscreen for basic video editing...


Stabilize Your Pocket Camcorder With The ReadySteady


HD Pocket Camcorders are great inventions, offering high-def video in a device that fits, fittingly, in your pocket. But sometimes you need a better image than the shakiness that comes from holding the camera with your hands. That’s where the ReadySteady comes in, offering a wide variety of mounting options...


Sanyo Introduces Their First 1080P Pocket Cam


Sanyo has entered the pocket camcorder business, and their VPC-PD2BK looks like a nice quality for the price and good competition against the Flip Ultra HD. This pocket camcorder has stereo mics, a 2-inch LCD, 3x optical zoom, 10MP still images, a flash, SD card support, and HDMI out, which...


Ordro HDV-D350S Camcorder Includes A Removable Projector


Ordro’s HDV-D350S camcorder has a leg up on the competition for viewing your home videos — it features a removable projector that has a WVGA resolution at 15 lumens brightness. The camcorder itself does 1080p recording, 10x optical zoom, features a 3-inch touchscreen LCD, SD card slot, and more. It’ll...


This Waterproof HD Camcorder Is Only $150


Waterproof camera housing are cool, but they’re not cheap, and people are usually wary of putting their expensive camcorders in them for fear of an accident. Which is why this new waterproof camcorder from EXEMODE sounds so exciting. The DV5000UW¬†shoots in 720p with 10MP still images, does¬†2 1/2 hours of...


Samsung’s HMX-E10 Pocket Camcorder Swivels 270 Degrees


Samsung’s new HMX-E10 pocket camcorder is the company’s first competition against the likes of the Flip Ultra HD & Kodak Zi8, and it looks like those camcorders are in for a decent fight. One of the HMX-E10’s biggest features is a 270-degree swiveling lens for getting some smooth, wide shots,...