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Swoop Clothes Hanger

Swoop Double Clothes Hanger


Hanger innovation – as in a clothes hanger – isn’t exactly a burgeoning market that calls for fireworks let alone a marketing budget.  But that’s exactly why there are sites like Quirky, which are user driven and only produce a product if there is actual demand; a certain amount of people...

Like Small

LIKE Hanger


How much do you like Facebook?  It better be a damn lot if you hang this Like Hanger in your home.  It’s made from acrylic and every time you walk through your door you’ll hopefully get that warm and fuzzy feeling as if someone just liked your fan page or...


Airplane Hangers! Hahahah!


So hilarious really.  The picture says it all but I find it hard to imagine anyone who would devote that much wall space for something like this.  Plus you’d have to keep the whole thing on the low side so you can actually get at the hangers without using one...