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Triple Barrel Handgun

Three Barrel Handgun is Designed for Taking Out Triple Threats – We’re not Talking Singing, Dancing and Acting (pics)

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Putting down an assailant can happen in a number of ways. But you probably didn’t think of using a three barreled hand gun, now did you? This revolver is a of a Spanish descent, but to be candid no one knows its exact history or origin. There are a total...

Double Tap Handgun-1

Double Tap Handgun (video)


In “Zombie Land”, rule number 2 is the double tap. According to Jessie Eisenberg’s character it’s imperative that you implement this rule, otherwise a once dead zombie could lurch forward from his shallow grave and grab a chunk of leg meat. No more walks in the park for you. But...

Double Barrel Handgun-2

Double Barrel Handgun (video)


While most people have no business firing a handgun (shooting ranges aside), everyone should have a crack at this double barrel handgun called the  AF2011-A1 “Second Century” by Arsenal Firearms. [GR]BM-DGaNmtA0[/GR] At a quick glance it appears to be two .45 handguns welded together.  But if peer a bit closer and...


Donald Goodrich Couldn’t Take That IPhone One More Second


There are days when we’d all love nothing more than to do some serious damage to those devices that we all know and love.  That mysterious whatever it is that led Elvis Presley to shoot his television has happened to all of us, and it just reared its ugly head...