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Real-F Mask

Real-F Life Like Masks


A Japanese company called Real-f has perfected a way to make a life like photocopy of your face or head, which you can then take home and hang on your wall.  We’re assuming Real-f stands for “really freaky.” For $3,900 Real-f will scan your face and produce a mask that...

Ultimate Chewbacca Costume

Top 10 Star Wars Halloween Costumes (video)


Nothing says Halloween like a Star Wars costume.  Old or young and you’ll know what it is and if you chose wisely you’ll be the admiration of every party.  So without further ado here is our list of Top 10 Star Wars Costumes. 10.  Chewbacca Collector’s Edition Adult Costume Unless your...

Ultra Real “Handsome Guy” Mask

Ultra Real “Handsome Guy” Mask


[GR]srcN8Ctvvs8[/GR] SPFXMasks’ are unbelievably real.  In fact, they’re so real that they’ve been used in robberies, at least according to BoingBoing.  This is the “Handsome Guy” mask and putting aside the overly large head size, which is needed to fit a real human head, the attention to detail is amazing. ...


i-Fly Vamp Remote Controlled Flying Bat


Oh yes.  I’m going to a haunted corn maze on Friday or a maize maze for those of you who like multi-lingual wordplay, and if this remote controlled bat was part of the show I’d be impressed. Exactly what you think it is, this 13 gram and 10 inches of...


BananaPhone BlueTooth Headset


Just in time for Halloween comes this funny BananaPhone BlueTooth Headset that will allow people around you to view you as you’ve always wanted to be viewed.  Absolutely crazy.  With an undisclosed amount of awesome scenarios you could use this in, it’s actually cheap enough ($18) to warrant a purchase. ...


Dinosaur Man Slave Costume: Analogies After The Leap


I would wear this all the time. 80's night, job interviews, family and high school reunions, this costume is just too sweet to only wear on Halloween. Looking like going to the bathroom might require a catheter, this costume might not be comfortable after hours of use but...