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ARTAS: Hair Regrowth Machine


Hair loss regrowth, on a mythical level, is probably equitable to that of the Holy Grail.  And while there are a myriad of pills and shampoos available, none have achieved full hair regrowth and an alarmingly positive rate.  So can this machine, the ARTAS, actually succeed where pharmaceutical companies have...


Awesome Inflatable Hair Do’s


Remember those old battery commercials where everybody had those fantastic plastic looking hair cuts?  Pretty much just that, these inflatable hair pieces are great for all types of partying.  There’s weird go-go dancer chick with huge beehive hair, spiked mohawk dude, Elivis style afro dude, and of course, the rastafari....


Babyliss Eco Hair Dryer


Man, the gadget news is straight boring this week.  Not seeing much today I’ve decided to post on what I passed on yesterday.  The Babyliss Eco Hair Dryer consumes half the energy of your everyday hair dryer helping you do your part when it comes to energy conservation. It has...

Hair Coloring Brush

Hair Coloring Brush Looks Sanely Dangerous


You can’t possibly be serious?   The Hair Coloring Brush supposedly provides your ‘do’ with a salon coloring finish.  Just add color and run the bristles through your locks.  In a flash you’ll have a whole new look – actually the site says it takes half the time of a professional. ...


Teens Invent Solar Panels Made From Hair

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Solar Panels are just one wave of the future, but their cost has long negated their existence, especially in 3rd world countries.  Now a set of teenagers hailing from Nepal say they have invented a solar panel that is made from human hair. The hair infused solar panels can produce...