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Is iPhone Jailbreaking Heading To An End?


According to reports, the next batch of iPhone 3GS to hit stores will be far more difficult, if not impossible to Jailbreak.  Sad news, I know, but there is always hope.  And for those of you that are still considering updating the iPhone’s software but haven’t, and of course would...


iFOB: A Nike+iPod Hacked Into A Keyless Entry


I have yet to get around to it, but one day I’ll remove my normal door lock in favor of a fingerprint reader or some sort of keyless entry.  Until that time I’ll just suffer the burden of carrying around a set of keys.  Nate on the other hand isn’t...


iPod Powered By A Steam Engine (video)


Using some lego parts, a female USB connection and a preexisting mini steam engine, some dude with too much time on his hands hacked together the parts to build an archaic iPod charger.  Unfortunately, there are no details on where the heat source is derived from to produce the steam,...


HP Mini Running Apple’s OS X (video)


Still can't make the switch to a Macbook and looking to hop on the Netbook bandwagon (God knows why you'd want to)? No prob. Just hack your HP Mini 700 (the EU version of the HP Mini 1000) to run OS X. Everything is in working order...


Sony Xperia Panels UI On An HTC Touch HD

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No need to adjust your monitor (or glasses). What you're looking at is Sony Ericsson's 'Panels' hacked onto the HTC Touch HD. Unfortunately, the hack only allows for Panels in the start menu and opening it up is a bit laggy according to its author, but other than...


The Ultimate Portable Dreamcast: The Dreamtrooper

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Failures aside, the Sega Dreamcast was hands down the best gaming rig at the time.  Heck, they even pioneered the open environment gaming platform with that Japanese game (the name is escaping me) that cost $20 million to make (by today’s standards that’s the norm). Hailrazer (aka John Jandron), a...