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spree Fitness Monitor main

spree Fitness Monitor Review


he proliferation of exercise accessories to use with smartphones seems to have doubled in the last year — thanks to the appearance of sensors/monitors that can track what a person does when exercising or exerting themselves in a sport. The one thing that all these sensors rely on is contact...

MtEverClimb Rope Climbing Machine

MTEverClimb Puts Rope Climbing in Every Gym


The MtEverClimb, a continuous rope climbing system, is to rope climbing what the treadmill is to jogging.  It simulates actual rope climbing by feeding a rope through the floor of the device and back to the top, thus creating an endless rope.  The company bills it as a complete body...


The Perfect Push Up And Pull Up Review


Going to the gym can be such a drag.  It’s like going to work, only shorter, smells worse and costs you money as opposing to earning it.  So what’s one to do when it comes to at home fitness.  Well, if you have ever remained awake beyond the hours of...