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The First 24 Is A Survival Kit For Preppers And Mad Max Cosplayers


It’s a little surprising how many people honestly believe the world’s about to collapse. Whether they’re prepping their bunkers or learning how to light a fire using just a polished can lid, a lot of people are ready to run to the woods. Which is where the First 24 survival...

taurus curve

The Taurus Curve, A Wavy Handgun, Fits Your Body


The history of firearms is, more or less, also the history of a few other disciplines. There’s always been a lot of money in firepower, and as a result, entire fields of materials science, precision engineering, and design wouldn’t exist without the gun. Consider it a peace dividend. But it...


Meet ‘Reason’, The Next 3D-Printed Metal Handgun


3D printing is a fascinating technology, but it does have larger implications than you might at first think. For now, those reasons are largely theoretical; most 3D printers are little more than prototyping devices. But there’s already work to make them, potentially, arms factories, as Reason, a 3D printed gun...


Google Glass Becomes A Gunsight


Oh, this won’t be controversial at all: Tactical sight company Trackingpoint has decided to make Google Glass an accessory to their networked sights, allowing you to, in theory, fire around corners and otherwise put a bullet where normally you’d need an elaborate tool to do so. High Aims It’s actually...

SlowMo m4

Video of the Day: Watch an M4 Carbine Fire In Super Duper Slow-Mo (video)


Slowed down to 18,000 frames per second (720 times slower than realtime), and the M4 Carbine looks like your average semi-automatic gun.  Full speed, though, and this people killer can rattle off 30 rounds in just 2-seconds.  Blisteringly fast doesn’t even begin to describe. Interested in more slow-mo videos?  Check...

Google Glass Gun Range

Video of the Day: Google Glass at the Gun Range (video)


Never been to a gun range?  No problem.  Just checkout this YouTube video from CheekFlapperer, who wore their Google Glass to the gun range and fired a variety of weapons....


The First 3D Printed Metal Gun Fires Off Fifty Rounds. But Don’t Freak Out Yet


Most 3D printed guns, to this point, have been little more than proof of the concept; they have this annoying tendency to melt and/or explode while firing rounds. But the first gun printed in metal has shown a bit more endurance. So everyone should freak out, right? Not so much....

titanfall_gamescom 2013

Titanfall Gameplay Demo Heats Up Gamescom 2013 (video)


Respawn Entertainment, the game development outfit made up of several old Infinity Ward developers, is fervently staking their claim to the highly contested first-person shooter genre with their innovative new title with the slick movement system. if anyone and can unseat the ubiquitous yet uber-popular Call of Duty franchise, it...

Nerf Sentry Gun-1

NERF Sentry Gun Automatically Fires On Foes (video)


NERF will forever hold a special place in my heart.  But compared to Instructables contributor BrittLiv that ain’t nothing, who likely has a heart made of the foamy material as evidenced by this NERF Sentry Gun that fires upon anyone that falls into its field of view. Yes, unfortunately you will...

Triple Barrel Shotgun-1

Check Out This Triple Barrel Shotgun with Removable Stock (video)

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Traditionally speaking shoguns are single or double barrel.  Needless to say, a close range shot can leave a gaping hole in anything that gets in your way, be it a door or, well, a person.  So if you end up on the wrong side of one, it’s best to just...


Inteliscope iPhone Case Rifle Mount Records Shots, Lets You Peak Around Corners

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For long range accuracy you’ll inevitably opt for an optical scope.  However, if you’re looking to convert your rifle into a next-gen weapon you won’t have to look much further than the Inteliscope. The Inteliscope iPhone case can mount to any firearm with a Picatinny (Mil-STD-1913) or Weaver tactical rail.  It features a rubberized finish,...