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This Is Awesome: The Korg PitchJack Tuner


Tuning your electric guitar or bass generally required a quarter inch cable.  No longer.  The Korg PitchJack totally eliminates the cable with a one plug device that jacks right into your guitar.  Available in three colors (black, white, or red) this micro tuner has adjustable angles and appropriate LED’s that...

YouRockGuitar - 1

CES 2010: You Rock Guitar Hands On


The You Rock Guitar is a digital guitar that works with Guitar Hero and Rock Band on all systems as well as performing like a real guitar in Garage Band, MIDI, or through headphones and amplifiers.  It’s ultra portable and actually breaks down into two pieces for easy storage.  Using...

Nes Guitar

NES Guitar Mod Is The Donkey To My Kong (video)


Without a doubt the NES Guitar gets the ‘random post of the day award’ (we don’t actually issue that award).  Apparently, this is the second iteration of the mod and it actually works.  Flipping up the cartridge slot reveals the 3 knobs generally found on a guitar and the AV...


NEXiLUX Retractable Guitar Hero Guitar


While portability is the least of my concerns when it comes to playing Guitar Hero, NEXiLUX’s Miniguitar is one hip looking piece of kit.  It comes in 3 pieces and snaps together in a matter of minutes to form an ultra thin wireless guitar.  Best of all, it works with...


Blackbird Guitars Release The Rider Nylon String


The San Francisco based luthiers at Blackbird Guitars have taken it upon themselves to craft the ultimate travel guitar they call the Rider. Perhaps in homage to the classic Doors song “Riders on the Storm?” Seemingly fitting I’d say. Just in time for nuclear winter these bombproof, weatherproof, and virtually...