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Hot Dog Griller

Make Hot Dogs the 7-11 Way With this Handy Tool


Cooking hot dogs isn’t exactly rocket science.  However, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rolled a dog to its death in my attempts to rotate it such as to achieve even cooking. The Man Law Hot Dog Griller lays on top of your grill and thanks to a...


Flexible Skewers Keep Grilling Easy


It’s summer, and summer means grilling. These flexible skewers, from Fire Wire, allow you to cook your kebobs any way you want, curving them to fit the shape of your grill (or any shape you want, really). You can even marinate them while on the skewer, since you can twist...


Wall Grill: Not Endorsed By Paul Wall


Grill design is one of those things that will always moisten the panties of the American male.  So while his wall hanging grill is certainly cool, is it really necessary?  This “step above” DIY project has a generous ash pan that allows for multiple grillings before needing to be emptied...

Grill Humidifier

Moistly Grilled Cast Iron Grill Humidifier


Say what now?  Grill enthusiasts worldwide might have heard about using humidifiers for cooking but I sure haven’t.  This awesome sounding cast iron grill humidifier from Sur La Table is basically a box that rests on the grill and emits steam that infuses the meat that you’re grilling. Fill the...


EZ Grill Review

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EZ Grill, easy review.  So even though America is wholly embracing this green revolution for the most part, throwing stuff away is still a huge part of our culture.  To add to this national pastime comes the EZ Grill, a portable and disposable solution for those looking to grill on...


Digital Tongs Make Any BBQ A Bit(e) More Tech


I always hate admitting that summer is almost over.  To help enjoy these fleeting days of carefree meat eating comes a set of Digital BBQ Tongs to ravish your grill marked eatables.  Using a backlit LED screen, the tongs pierce the meat and display the internal temperature 5 seconds after...