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Cook Anything Under The Sun With The SolSource Grill

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One Earth Designs wants to change the way you cook with their Kickstarter campaign for their SolSource sun-powered grill. By harnessing the power of the sun, the revolutionary sun-powred grill eliminates the need for fuel and doesn’t emit any emissions, while allowing for a fast cleanup and a quick heat...

handrail grill

The Bruce Handrail Grill Fits On Your Balcony

Living in a small apartment may be cheap, but it has its downfalls… Not enough space, no yard, small balcony, thin walls, etc. And not having a a large enough balcony to house your BBQ might really suck for those who enjoy their food cooked on the grill. Well, that...


Kettle Pizza (video)


Believe it or not, but cooking pizza on a charcoal grill ain’t no easy feat.  More often than not – you know this if you’ve tried – the dough will turn to an inedible, black charcoal like consistancy before the rest of the pizza fully bakes. The solution?  The Kettle...


Hot-Pot BBQ:Garden & BBQ Grille In One Package!


Two-in-one items are always the best! Not only do you get more for your money, but multifunctional pieces are also always welcomed when you’re trying to save space and money. Black+Blum’s Hot-Pot BBQ Grill ($124) combines a gardening pot/herb garden (that actually functions as an actual terracotta that you can...

Adjustable Grill Light

BBQ LED Grill Light


Summer is almost here and that means, sun, beach, beers and GRILLING…and hopefully girls in skimpy bikinis!  But there is nothing worse than over cooking that fine piece of meat.  This largely happens when you don’t have the proper lighting for night time cooking and the would be burgers turn...