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The SPARCS Camera Grenade Sends Cameras Flying


The grenade is probably one of the most oddly iconic weapons in human history. We make everything from mugs to Airsoft toys out of them. But the grenade is constantly being improved, and has more new ideas applied to the form factor. Like, for example, the SPARCS Camera Grenade. Droneless...

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Impact Tornado Grenade Brings Airsoft Combat To New Heights


Often, in airsoft competitions, the idea is raised of creating some form of explosive device. After all, it’s just not a simulated form of combat unless you’re also hucking things at each other in addition to blasting each other with foam pellets at high speeds. But that’s pretty hard to...


Grenade Flash Drive For Blowing Up Your Data


Grenades by their very nature tend to pose a threat, but anything shaped like a grenade, but isn’t actually a grenade is an immediate draw to us none military folks.  What might be the perfect complement to the Grenade Alarm Clock, the Hand Grenade USB Flash Drive is available in...