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Tactical 5.11 Eco-Flashlight Doesn’t Need Batteries

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For those of you survivalists out there compiling your “apocalypse gear” collection, this may be the flashlight you have been dreaming about.  Harnessing an appropriately titled Flashpoint Power Technology, the flashlight uses environmentally friendly ultracapacitors to help manage the the flow of energy in terms of performance and run time. ...


DIY iPod Case–Use Old Comics


This is one of those things that everybody probably should have thought of well before now, and yet, nobody ever did.  You’ve seen the cardboard iPod case…now try the case made from old comics. If you take some old comics, or even old magazines or newspapers, some masking tape, and...


Solar Roadways Could Solve The US Energy Crisis


Solar power has yet to reach a level of adoption that it will solve our energy needs.  But if Solar Roadways has their way we’ll soon all be driving, yes driving, on solar panels. The benefits to their solar powered roadway go beyond the conventional.  In addition to generating electricity,...


APC Intros Power Saving Surge Protectors With LCD Timers


While APC’s Power-Saving Surge Protectors With Programmable LCD Timer aren’t much to look at, there energy saving features will have you seeing (and saying) green in no time flat. Stupid puns aside (keep reading and you might get them), these two surge protectors boast a set of outlets that can...


Electricity Free Sliding Door Concept (video)


Sliding doors ain’t exactly new tech, but this innovative concept uses zero electricity and depends on the person’s weight to to open and close.  It works by stepping on a foot plate that engages a set of gears that trigger a counter weight that pulls the doors open.  Step off...


POWERleap Charging The World One Footstep At A Time

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We’ve seen piezoelectric flooring before, but now POWERleap hopes to bring the product to commercial availability.  In case you forgot, the concept is simple: when a person walks on the pad the energy from their foot step is captured, stored and ultimately recycled for later use.  In reality, massive foot...