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Wind Up Unverisal Remote Control


It may not have the same technological prowess as NEC’s batteryless remote, but it accomplishes the same feat and probably at a fraction of the cost. The Wind Up Universal Remote Control can take up to 30 spins of its ‘Jog Shuttle’ power wheel, which will power it up to...


US Canteen’s Ultimate Water Bottle: The H2Only


Those of us out there looking for a great reusable water bottle to use on the go should keep reading.  The H2Only bottle is made from stainless steel and filters out 99.99% of all pollutants found in drinking water.  The bottle holds up to 25 ounces of water and would...

Yamaha Ec-F-1

Yamaha’s EC-f All Electric Scooter Looks So Xbox 360

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If there was ever an Xbox 360 Motorcycle here it is.  On show at Japan’s Tokyo Motor Show, the Yamaha EC-f is an electric motorcycle/scooter that sports a lightweight aluminum frame, a lithium-ion battery and a 0.6 kWh electric motor.  Best of all the EC-f uses a standard plug that...

Samsung To Launch Blue Earth Solar Powered Phone In Sweden This Month


Samsung announced the launch of their Blue Earth device, an eco-friendly smartphone powered by the sun. This fully touchscreen phone is expected to be available in Sweden by the end of this month, followed by France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal, and other European/Asian countries. So one would expect a solar-powered...


FlowerPot EYE Concept Shows You Your Roots

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Gardening and horticulture are fastly becoming new hobbies for thousands of Americans embracing this powerful green movement and many of them may be very interested in what Olga Kalugina has created. The FlowerPot Eye is a sort of X-Ray flowerpot that not only shows the roots of your plant but...

Charcoal Water Filter PItcher

Charcoal Water Filter Pitcher


The last thing I associate with clean water is charcoal, but what do I know anyway.  Apparently not much.  This eco-friendly charcoal water pitcher must be the first of it’s kind to use Japanese Iouseki stones and Binchotan charcoal to purify and deodorize the water, making it mineral-rich and odor...


The EcoATM–Scrap Your Junk, Get Paid


If you’re anything like me, you’ve got an old cell phone or two laying around the house and you’re about dying to get rid of it.  But you’ve got no idea where or how to dump it.  We all know there are loads of hazardous material laws to grapple with,...


Brondell Perfect Flush Gives You Flush Strength Options


Chances are, by now, in this age of “going green”, you’ve heard the old water control aphorism, “If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down”.  Now, most people don’t like the thought of letting “yellow” sit in their bowl for any much longer than it takes...

LG Launches The GD510, Offers Optional Solar Panel Back Cover


LG officially announced their “Pop” phone yesterday, better known as the GD510. It lays claim to being the most compact 3-inch touchscreen phone on the market today, although I’m not sure how they’re qualifying that statement. What’s really drawing headlines, though, is the optional solar panel… To continue reading “LG...