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EcoPod Foot Powered Trash Compactor


The EcoPod helps you maximize your green thumb by compacting your recycling.  You just place the can, bottle or whatever your fancy into one of the three holes, step down and out the bottom fires a compacted version.  Now that daily trip to the recycling bin will hopefully become weekly...


Power PEG Kinetic Charging Device Up For Preorder, Ships June


Remember that Power PEG device that we saw at CES 2009?  It’s now available for pre-order for $150 and will ship this June. The Power PEG (Personal Energy Device) harnesses the power of your kinetic energy (i.e. walking, running, etc) and stores it in an internal battery that can recharge...

VW Bik.e

VW Electric Bik.e Fits In Your Car’s Spare Tire Well


Many of VW’s cars are eco friendly thanks to their small size and efficient diesel engines.  Now the auto manufacture is making the move from four wheeled vehicles to two wheeled vehicles.  The VW bik.e is a two wheeled all electric bike that can travel up to 12.5 miles at...

APC Pro Backups

APC Newest UPS Backup Batteries Stake Vampire Sucking Peripherals So You Don’t Have To

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APC is making sure you’re never in trouble during a storm with its new Back-UPS Pro line of UPSs. The uninterrupted power supply makes sure your important documents (read: World of Warcraft game) are safe during a power outage. APC’s models also offer a power-saving feature that shuts down devices...


Powerplus Solar Remote Control

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Replacing batteries on my remote controls is something I rarely do.  I still have the original AA’s in my Onkyo Amp remote from 2004.  For those who want to totally abandon all batteries in their living room, the Powerplus Solar Remote Control can be yours for the taking. The remote...

Dragonfly 2 seats

The Dragonfly DF1 Helicopter’s Blades Are Powered By Two Small Rockets (video)


= The Dragonfly DF1 helicopter might not be as interesting looking as that flying boat we saw a few weeks ago, but with closer examination it’s certainly an impressive technological feat. Instead of using a conventional motor and fuel system to power the blade, two rockets are fixed to the...

Solar Roadways Prototype

Solar Roadways Completes Prototype, Sends Us Pics


Remember Solar Roadways?  They’ve finally completed their first USDOT prototype.  In addition to providing carbon free energy (aside from the manufacturing process), the Solar Roadway can display traffic info using the built-in LEDs and perhaps even melt snow and ice from its surface. For now we’ll have to settle with...

hmk 561electricbike

HMK 561: Electric Carbon Fiber Bike With No Pedals And Regenerative Braking


This is not just a concept, there is a real working prototype.  Hard to believe I know, especially considering how forward thinking the HMK 561 bicycle is.  Aside from having a set of split set of wheels at either end, this bike of the future uses a special carbon fiber...

Wind Powered Toy Car

A Wind Powered Toy Car

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Sometimes the best way to get the kiddies to ‘pick up what your laying down’ is to put that learning into a toy.  We’ve already seen the Hydrogen powered RC car, so it’s really no surprise to see a wind power generated one emerge on the market. The Tamiya Loopwing...


The CVFR-S09 Solar Vest Will Require You To Tuck In Your Rat Tail To Fully Charge


Ugh.  This thing is lame looking.  While Tommy Hilfiger might have been the first designer to boldly display his name on his clothing, this Solar Vest might as well be the last.  Perhaps if I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name this Solar Vest’s visual flair...

Powerhose emonitor

Powerhouse Dynamics’ eMonitor Gives You A Real Time Read Out Of Your Energy Consumption (video)


Energy prices are increasing; making household powering difficult to manage without spending a large quantity of money, especially in the current state of the economy. People are starting to try and understand how they can manage, reduce and easily control their electricity bills. Such interfaces as Google PowerMeter are being...