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Logitech K750 Mac Keyboard

Logitech K750 Solar Keyboard now in a Mac Flavor

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Everything is better in a chrome or silver finish, right?  That would be our assumption based on Logitech’s Wireless Solar Keyboard, the K750.  It came out last year for the PC, but now Logitech has a Mac version and it’s finished in silver, which is very Apple, at least in...

My Eco Soda Can

My ECO Soda Can, Reusable and Microwaveable


Soda can? Wrongzo.  The My ECO can is a reusable, refillable, resealable container.  Only instead of aluminum they’re crafted of a biodegradable material called PLA (PolyLactic Acid/Corn Starch).  The lids can snap open and closed, and because of their size, 9.5oz, they’re a perfect fit for any car cup holder....

London Green Cabs

London Black Cabs Going Hydrogen

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Londoners are on track to receive free WiFi in all of their tube stations and soon they’ll be transported in brand new zero emission black cabs thanks to a hybrid Hydrogen fuel and battery pack system. The taxis we’re developed by a clean energy consortium that includes Lotus Engineering, London Taxis International...

transformers statue

This 40-Foot Tall Optimus Prime Is Pure Awesome


Well, this is really cool. China has just unveiled a 40-foot tall Optimus Prime statue at the new Green Dream Park in Beijing, which if focused on Green Living (another thing we love at GadgetReview). Constructed out of recycled car parts, the statue weighs six tons and took five truckloads...

Tesla Roadster 2.5

Tesla Updates Roadster To 2.5


If any car company is gonna win our hearts here at GadgetReview it’s Tesla.  Today, the company unveiled the 4th iteration of their Roadster, the Roadster 2.5.  It’s takes a few design queues from the soon to be released Model S, which includes an updated new front end with diffusing...

Oyster 2

Wave Power Device Modeled After An Oyster


Harnessing the ocean’s kinetic energy is not a new concept.  In fact, one of the first to do it was the Pelamis Wave Power Device, which may or may not have sunk with the imploding economy.  Today, Aquamarine Power announced plans for their Oyster 2 power generating wave device.  The...