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NewerTech NuGreen LED Desk Lamp

NuGreen Energy-efficient LED Desk Lamp with Flexible Neck Review


Table lamps used to have bulbs but then they went to fluorescent and everybody cheered. But I’ve always found these types of lamps bulky to use, the fluorescent tubes too big and too easy to break (glass). Add in new reports that this kind of light can cause migraine headaches...


Chargeboard Is The Skateboard That Powers Up Your Phone

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It’s happened to all of us: We’re out and about, rolling down the road, and our phone dies. It’s annoying, it’s commonplace, and solutions are few. Unless you happen to be using the Chargeboard. Rolling, Rolling, Rolling The Chargeboard is, on the surface, a fairly straightforward longboard. It’s built to...

EcoReco Scooter

5 Reasons Why The EcoReco Scooter Is The Best Mode of Personal Transportation


Anyone who lives in the city knows how what a pain it is to get around. Cars make for congested streets and lots of pollution, while walking won’t always get you to you destination on time, especially if you’re already running late. Bicycles are great for inner city transportation, but...

elio car 2

The Elio Tricycle Car Can Go 600 Miles On One Tank Of Gas


The humble tricycle doesn’t exactly get a lot of respect as a mode of transportation. You’re more likely to see it as a goofy training exercise than an actual method of getting around. The Elio, though, wants to change that with a vehicle that can get from Detroit to New...

Lumen TL800 colors main

Lumen TL800 and LuMini TL100 App-Enabled LED Color Mood Light Bulbs Review


he 60’s were big on mood rings and lava lamps and other ways to bring a spot of color and panache into the bedroom. Today it’s all about “green” so LED bulbs are the “in” thing. But there’s no reason a lamp in the bedroom can’t still dance to the...


Sprav Tracks Your Showering To Save You Money


Showers are necessary, and often wonderful, but they can also be a bit wasteful. And it’s hard to know exactly what you’re spending when it comes to getting washed off. Sprav is designed to give you control of your water usage, save you a little money, and help save the...

Eton Rugged Rukus

Eton Shows Green Heart With Rugged Rukus Solar Powered Audio System


CES 2013 has a few reoccurring themes. One of them is 4K display technology; another is new ways to empower gamers. But there is also a more noble theme and it’s very, very “Green”. Eco-conscious products are coming out in droves at the show and it couldn’t have happened to a...

iBattz Battlestation Tough Pro

iBattz Battlestation Tough Pro 12000 Portable Battery Charger


iBattz introduces a rugged way for your mobile devices to stay powered-up. The iBattz Battlestation Tough Pro 12000 is a portable 12000 mAH portable battery that can charge an iPhone up to 8 times before needing its own recharge. It can also simultaneously charge two USB devices and is housed...


BigBelly Solar Powered Smart Waste & Recycling System

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[GR]yPmXccpMrvQ[/GR] We like to think Green here at GR, and that was before skyrocketing energy costs, although that did little to sway us. Only with such infused noble intentions could one grin ear-to-ear over waste management. But that’s just what BigBelly’s duo of ambitious multipurpose waste management solutions is capable...

Fluidity Dish Rack-1

Fluidity Dish Rack Concept Grows Potted Plants


Cooking is the easy part, it’s the clean up that’s tough.  And what we’re talking about is the hand scrubbing of pans.  The lazy just shove them into the dishwasher, but that’s not a practical use of the household appliance and nor is it very good for your pots in...


Nest Learning Thermostat (video)


Did you know that 50% of your energy bill is derived from heating and cooling your home?  Did you also know that you can cut that number by as much as 20% if you program your thermostat?  But let’s be real, who does that?!  More often than not we just walk...