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Save $14 Off Grand Theft Auto V’s PC Release


Update 5/12/15: A new 20% off code saves you $12 off GTA V. See details below: At long last, Grand Theft Auto V has finally made its way to PC. Today’s release from Rockstar debuted first on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles back in 2013, but rather than having to...


Grand Theft Auto V PC Pre-order Arrives at 23% Off


Update 1/23/15: The 23% off coupon is dead at GMG. Never the less a 20% discount is available at DL Gamers, cutting the price to $47.99. See details below. Just after this week’s announcement of Grand Theft Auto V on PC’s release date postponement to March 26th, the title is...

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‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Looks… Different In First Person


Many video games pick a perspective, such as first or third-person, for a specific reason; the game’s designed around that point of view, it’s cheaper to animate a pair of hands, and so on. Some games, however, will let you switch perspectives. And still others will even shift around the...


Grand Theft Auto V: Everything We Know

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Grand Theft Auto V arrives September 17th, and Rockstar has kept a surprisingly tight ship before the game’s release. Nonetheless, there are a few things we know about this fall’s upcoming massive hit. Platforms Sorry, early adopters and PC enthusiasts, you get the short end of the stick: Rockstar is...

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Grand Theft Auto V Reveals Its Online Multiplayer (video)

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Do you need to know anything else? It’s Grand Theft Auto V, and it’s multiplayer. Yes? OK. First of all, this is going to feel at least a little familiar if you’re a Rockstar fan. Much of the multiplayer resembles Rockstar’s highly polished, and criminally underrated, multiplayer for Max Payne...

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Grand Theft Auto V – Official Trailer 2 (Video)

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[GR]HmEFXSx2RnY[/GR] So the Rockstar just launched the 2nd official Grand Theft Auto V trailer. As a dedicated scribe committed to giving you the good and bad dirt, I am obliged to report this. But as an avid PC gamer… Where’s the official word on a PC release?! Rockstar has the PC gaming...