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So GPS Signals Are Pretty Easy To Jam


The global positioning system is one of the most important tools we have right now. Ships use it to navigate trading routes. The military uses it to get around. Heck, most of us use it to get around; in fact, if you call 911 on your smartphone, it likely uses...

HTV One vs HTC One Mini

HTC One Mini Vs. HTC One (comparison)


Yesterday we took a brief look at the PR HTC released for the reduced size HTC One Mini. The unit is finally getting official specs and a taste of a release date. It truth, it looks very much like a the HTC One’s smaller doppleganger. It sports similar industrial design,...

geak watch

GEAK Watch Can Be World’s First True Smartwatch


It seems the world may finally have its first true smartwatch on the market with GEAK Watch. The company is a  Shanghai-based subsidiary of content giant Shanda is is packed with lots of features and components that will impress. The wearable device features a 802.11b/g/n WiFi module, which enables the watch to...


Suunto Releases New Ambit2 and Ambit2 S GPS Watches

Suunto has created a GPS watch for every occasion with the release of their new Ambit2S and Ambit2 models. As a global leader in sports precision instruments, these new GPS watches can be used in multiple of activities, from multi-sport training to serious backcountry excursions. Since the Ambit was a huge...

Waze Drive Share

Waze Map App Lets You Share Your Drive


There are more than a myriad of turn-by-turn apps available for both iOS and Android.  Google Maps probably makes the top of the list for many smartphone users, as their mapping accuracy and speed of service is largely unprecedented.  However, what Google Maps lacks is the ability to share your...

Bike SPike Hand

Bike Spike: Lo-Jack for Your Bike


In the US alone, over 250,000 bikes are stolen every year. To call it a pandemic might be an understatement. To prevent bike theft I suggest you use a combination of a U-Lock and metal rope. While the latter deterrent might be superfluous, it may just be enough to dissuade...