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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review


It’s being touted as THE best phablet on the market. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has hit store shelves. Bending the knee to one of the major subscription barons will earn you a seat at the owner’s circle. The choice is yours from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and others. The...


Lock and Locate your Smart Bike With LOCK8 (video)


Make sure your smart bike is secure and locked with the world’s first smart bike lock, LOCK8. The Kickstarter campaign is a keyless security device that uses your smartphone to keep your smart bike safe. And in case your smartphone runs out of battery, you’ll be provided with a keyfob...


Retrievor: A GPS Device The Size Of A Quarter


We all have things in our lives we’d like to keep track of: Pets, backpacks, children, items owned by children. But GPS tags are expensive, bulky, and need to have their batteries constantly recharged. Retrievor looks to fix all three problems. Power The first and most basic problem, power, is...


Tagg Tracks Your Pet’s Exercise Habits And Location


One of the big trends right now is having some sort of activity tracker strapped to your wrist. We all know at eventually these things are going to wind up in yard sales, but until then, we can get valuable data about our exercise or lack thereof. And now you...


Piksi Brings Incredibly Accurate GPS To The Masses


Real-time kinematics is a highly efficient, and effective, method of navigation. GPS systems rely on information from a satellite signal to find their way, but RTK systems use instead the signal of the satellite itself. By locking onto that, and using a reference station, it means that you have accuracy...


So GPS Signals Are Pretty Easy To Jam


The global positioning system is one of the most important tools we have right now. Ships use it to navigate trading routes. The military uses it to get around. Heck, most of us use it to get around; in fact, if you call 911 on your smartphone, it likely uses...

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