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Exploride Gives Even The Dumbest Car A Smart Brain


We’re on the verge of a revolution in automotive technology. Cars are becoming intelligent at a shocking rate, ranging from tools like built-in GPS to syncing up with your phone to offer you better streaming music, to more complex diagnostic tools that will really let you get under the hood...


The SearchGPS Is The Ultimate Surf Watch


If there’s one sport that’s been a beneficiary of modern technology, it’s surfing. Where before surfers had to count on video from the shore or helicopters to capture their feats, now they’ve got waterproof action cams, GPS tracking, and more to show off. The SearchGPS, from Ripcurl, wants to make...


TopoCharger Case Transforms Your iPhone Into A GPS Mapping Device


Every major smartphone comes with GPS tracking capabilities, helping users find their way while travelling or during their daily travelling routine in cities and highways. However, there are times when you don’t have GPS connectivity, and there’s no way for you to find the directions using your smartphone, unless you’re...


HTC One Max Review


Ooo and they were so close! I read the reports and analyzed the sales figures… Yet despite better judgment, even I was rooting for underdog HTC to rise from the ashes of poor device sales and continue on to compete shoulder-to-shoulder with “The House That Jobs Built” and camp Samsung....

Elgato Smart Key main

Elgato Smart Key Review


here’s been a proliferation of “smart tags” for smartphones: little tokens with Bluetooth technology inside that pair with a phone to provide direction to an attached keychain or camera or whatnot. But there’s been two problems keeping many of these from being effective. The first being that a rechargeable battery...

CycleNav Smart Bike Navigator

Get Bike Routes With Schwinn’s CycleNav Smart Bike Navigator

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Schwinn may be known for their bikes, but they’ve recently unveiled their first-ever mobile accessory at this years CES show with their CycleNav SmartBike Navigator that’s a free mobile app paired with a handlebar-mounted smart-bike navigation unit designed to give riders turn-by-turn audio and visual navigation from their handlebars. The device...

garmin dashcam

Garmin’s New Dashcam Will Let You Tape All The Insanity


Garmin is mostly notable for its GPS systems, but it’s been expanding into other products, ranging from fitness trackers to pilot’s watches. And now it’s finally giving America what it deserves: A GPS dashcam. Russian Style Dashcam footage has become a meme thanks to Russia’s sketchy court and insurance system,...