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New GoPro Line Includes Extra-Cheap Wi-Fi Sports Cam


While GoPro still has the market cornered when it comes to sports cams, the weak spot of the brand has long been the price: You have to shell out several hundred dollars for even the basic sports cam models. As GoPro has grown more secure in its position, the company...


GoPro Adds The Hero 4 Session To Slim Things Down

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The GoPro has, slowly, become not just the first name in action cams, but the first name in small, useful little video cameras. For relatively little money you can get slow-motion, high-resolution video, action-cam video, and even simple 1080p video, all in a discreet, cheap, indestructible little package. But as...

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The Seawolf Will Put Your GoPro Under The Sea


If you own a GoPro, you will, at some point, start buying accessories for it. Really, camera people just can’t help it. It’s better to imagine a camera as not just a powerful imaging tool that has helped us quantify, understand, and connect to the world around us, but also...


36 Gadgets, 2 Days and Total Destruction (video)


If you’ve been keeping up with Wired’s series Battle Damage, you know what to expect: Erik Beck and Justin Johnson of Indie Machine have fun destroying gadgets in weird ways – and in the process teach you a little bit about your favorite tech products. When watching the videos, it’s...

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See if Smash Testing a GoPro is a Good Idea (video)

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What’s the most important feature for action cams? Sure, the extra apps, straps and resolution are all important, but when you take a camera out on your adventures, you really want it to survive intact after you’re done. So Battle Damage has taken a few extra steps for you and...


The Joby Action Jib Gives You High-Flying Shots On The Cheap


Ask any indie filmmaker: Creating a crane shot, where the camera goes up and over and all around, requires expensive equipment, careful planning, and an acceptance of the fact that everything can and will go horribly awry. And often securing the equipment is the most important part of this process,...


Action-Oriented V.360 Cam Takes Full Panorama Video


Taking full panorama shots is still tricky for those who prefer not to stand with their new iPhone and spin around in circles. The V.360, by VSN Mobil, is a full panorama camera made to capture 360-degree footage automatically, adding extra fun to vacations, parties, nature hikes, and anywhere else...


PowerPole Powers Your GoPro… And Anything Else


There’s nothing worse, when you’re trying to film something, than the power dying. Dead batteries are a plague upon the house of anyone who is trying to get, well, anything shot and edited, but it’s especially tough when you’re roughing it far away from any outlet. And that’s where the...


GoRigIt Combines Your Two Favorite Cameras


The GoPro has redefined film and video. The little guys are absolutely everywhere and enormously popular. Similarly, iPhones are absolutely everywhere and enormously popular. And now, somebody has finally come up with a way to effectively combine the two. iGoPro The Gorigit is essentially a way to combine your two...