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Roku's Android App Adds Video Streaming

Roku’s Android App Adds Video Streaming


Last month, Roku launched their Play On Roku video support for iPhones and other iOS devices. Now they’ve released news on their blog that they’ve just updated their Android app to support Play On Roku video streaming. This now means that those with Roku players can stream  the videos that they have...

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Hugo Barra Leaving Android For Chinese Smartphone Company


Android will  be losing one of its very important members. Google’s vice president of Android product management Hugo Barra quiet and will be furthering his career with Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone company that controls about five percent of the entire smartphone market in China. The news of Barra’s departure with the...

Google Keep Reminder

Google Keep Now Includes Location Based Reminders


Today, Google announced an update to Google Keep that finally brings location and time based reminders to the application.  If you recall, I wrote about Google Keep a few months ago.  It’s an ultra simple app built specifically for Android users that allows them to jot down quick notes, create...

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Google Brings The Best Of Waze To Maps


When Google bought Waze, there was a profound hubbub among commuters who use the social app to find the best route to work, dodge accidents, and otherwise make the rest of us jealous that we’re still stuck on the Interstate, it was loudly wondered if the app was going to...

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Google Chromecast Review


here’s been a lot of effort directed at finding ways to transfer content from a smartphone or tablet wirelessly to the big screen (i.e., TV). The problem has been the lack of a universal standard that everybody can use, and as a result the technology either comes already hardwired into...


Starbucks Teams Up With Google For Faster WiFi


Have you noticed a change to the WiFi at  your local Starbucks? If you haven’t logged on to the Internet while grabbing your favorite Venti drink, next time you do you’ll notice it faster thanks to a new collaboration with Google. They’ve teamed up with the coffee shop giant to...


The New Nexus 7 Is A Superb Tablet


When Google rolled out the Nexus 7 last year, it was the best tablet you could buy for the money. And why wouldn’t it be? Google makes its money by showing you ads; it’s in their interest that you have the best possible gear at the lowest possible price, so...