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Logitech ConferenceCam BCC950-8758

Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam Review


Many of us have left the office space to work from home, or at least away from a dedicated office. For some, that’s permanent. For others, it’s just that day of the week to work from home. And while that freedom is liberating, it leaves much to be desired. Working...

Google Voice Logo

How to use Google Voice to Make Free Calls in the USA (how to)


Sometimes even thousands of included minutes on your cell phone plan aren’t enough for life’s unexpected emergencies, like partner or spousal meltdowns, being placed on hold when calling a utility like the cable company, or another bureaucratic organization with a carefree approach to your time. Despite the joys of canned...

reasons to buy iPhone 4s on sprint

5 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 4S From Sprint (list)


The new iPhone has finally been released. While it wasn’t the iPhone 5 everybody wanted, the new iPhone 4S still boasts some cool qualities. One being that it’s now going to be offered by Sprint. If you’ve been wanting to leave your other carriers now’s a good time to head...

Top 5 Reasons Google voice

Top 5 Reasons To Switch To Google Voice

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1) Number Porting Google Voice now lets you port your cell phone number to Google voice. – Upside: This means the number everyone knows and uses will now effectively be your number for all your phones. – Downside: It cancels your contract with your carrier, which may mean a cancellation...

Googe Voice iPhone App

Google Voice iPhone App Now Available…Again


UPDATED. After pressure from the FCC and thousands, if not millions of user complaints, Apple has once again allowed Google’s Voice iPhone app back into the iTunes app store and it’s available today.  Features you ask? Cheap rates for international calls Free text messaging to U.S. numbers Voicemail transcription Display...

Google Voice Calls

Google Hits The Go Button On Free US Domestic Calls


Well, you can put another nail in Vonage’s coffin.  Today, Google announced Google Voice calls directly from Gmail.  The best part you ask?  Domestic calls in the US are completely free, yes free.  International calls to a landline will cost you less than mobile calls, but that’s par for the...

Google Voice Desktop Software

Leak: Google Voice Desktop Software (video)


Google might be ready to take on Skype.  Late last year they bought Gizmo5, a company that produced desktop software that allowed for VoIP calls.  It’s not clear if the leaked software will be rebranded to Google Voice, but it appeared to integrate (contacts and incoming calls to GV) with...


Google Voice Now Open To Public


Google Voice, previously Grand Central, is now open to the public.  Prior to today the service was ‘invite only’, requiring users to invite their friends.  Since Google bought Grand Central the service has added new features, such as the ability to make domestic calls completely free and transcribe voicemails to...