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Sony’s Google TV Remote Might Someday Silence Critics


Look, there’s been a lot of complaining about the Google TV Remote that Sony let loose upon the world in an ad shown on ABC Nightline. I say let loose because people are calling it a monstrosity, a gigantic anomaly from another dimension. Or from the 80’s, as some have...


Sony October 12 Launch Might Get Google Appearance


After various leaks having pinned the arrival of Google TV sometime around the middle of October, now Sony is spreading invites to an October 12 launch event in New York. Everyone already knew Sony would deliver Bravia Internet TV’s as well as Blu-ray players, both with Google TV integration, so...

google tv

Rumor: Google TV To Ship This Month


We’ve known for a couple months now that Google TV was set to arrive this fall, but that time may be sooner rather than later. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal Intel CEO Paul Otellini, whose company is partnering with Google on the project, said their set-top boxes...

google tv

Google TV + Dish Network Demoed (video)

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Okay, we still stand by this week’s post about Google’s Google TV troubles, but that doesn’t mean the software itself isn’t going to be good. Google has proven they’re pretty good on that front in the past. Case in point is a new video showing off Google TV integrated into...

google tv

Is Google TV In Trouble?


When Google TV had its big announcement back in May, the tech community was excited…and then, nothing else happened. Things have been quiet on Google’s end on more details about their DVR-esque device, and now a new report by the Wall Street Journal says that the company is having trouble...

Logitech Revue

Logitech Google TV Box Called Revue


I’ve got mixed feelings about everything Google, but if you’re cool with putting all your media, calls and more in one place than you might be happy to hear that Logitech’s companion box to Google TV will be called Revue.  In case you missed it, they (as in Google) has...

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Google TV Explained (video)


Google has created a new video about their upcoming Google TV product, aimed at both tech geeks and people wondering “Why the hell do I need another box below my TV?” Personally, I think they do a great job of selling the device — I just hope it’s actually as...

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Google Announces Google TV


Google’s I/O conference had a slew of announcements yesterday and today, from Android 2.2 ‘Froyo’ to mobile Flash support. But the biggest may be Google TV — the company is now aiming to conquer the living room. To announce it, they’ve partnered with every big tech name under the sun...

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