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Co-Star main

VIZIO Co-Star Review

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 big selling point of today’s HDTV’s are their online capabilities. But if the one you have comes with minimal connectivity choices, or no Internet connection at all, you’ll need a stand-alone box to gain “Smart TV” access. But just as a number of devices in a genre can seem similar,...


VIZIO Co-Star Google TV Stream Box


VIZIO is expanding its product lineup and has just announced their latest device, the Co-Star Google TV set-top box. Known for their inexpensive HDTVs, they’ll begin selling the Co-Star starting this month for $99.99 and contain numerous features that set it apart from other video streaming devices. Users will have...

LG LCD 55-inch Cinema 3D Google TV G2 Series main shot

LG 55G2 55-inch 3D LED TV Review


It’s rapidly becoming evident that an HDTV can’t rely on just a high-def screen anymore; it must have enhancements in order to gain attention from the consumer. Among the enhancements now expected are such things as an Internet connection, availability to run “apps,” and display 3D. But to really “enhance”...

Google TV Remote App iPhone

Google TV iOS Remote App Now Available


Google TV isn’t exactly the run away product the company had hoped it to be.  But that hasn’t stopped them from finally releasing an iOS compatible Google TV remote app, originally only available for Android smartphone users.  ...

Sony Google TV

Sony’s Google TVs Are Here


Sony’s Google TVs are finally here and yes it will include that behemoth of a remote.  In terms of pricing we we’re off by $100 as of our price correction posting yesterday.  All sets (except the 24-inch) sport edge LED lighting and will cost $1,399.99 for the 46-inch (NSX-46GT1), $999.99...

Sony Google TV Price

Sony Google TV Price Correction


Last week we reported that Sony Insider had obtained pricing for Sony’s Google TV sets.  Turns out they were wrong.  They now say that the sets will cost far less, though they still didn’t have the official price list.  Word is you can expect the 46-inch (NSX-46GT1) set to cost $1,399...

Sony Google TV Price

Sony Google TV Prices Leaked


Sony Insider has unearthed what appears to be the official price list of Sony’s line of Google TVs.  If you didn’t hear that right, Sony’s newest TV’s, which will be announced October 12th, will provide the same TV/Web experience as Logitech’s Revue Box.  Shall we get down to the details?...