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Droid MAXX

Motorola Droid MAXX First Impressions


he Droid MAXX is the evolution of a simple idea, the third generation of something that was always done right: more than enough battery life for anything, even multiple-day use. Two years after the debut of the Droid Razr MAXX, the Droid MAXX is even more of a powerhouse than...

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Google Brings The Best Of Waze To Maps


When Google bought Waze, there was a profound hubbub among commuters who use the social app to find the best route to work, dodge accidents, and otherwise make the rest of us jealous that we’re still stuck on the Interstate, it was loudly wondered if the app was going to...


Google Acquires Waze App


Everybody HATES being stuck in traffic! But now that Google has acquired the Waze app for its Google Maps, you can see real-time traffic updates from friends and other cars ahead of you so that you can take a faster route to wherever you’re going. Both apps will outsmart traffic...

Google Maps Gets Revamped

Google Maps Gets Revamped (video)


The folks over at Mountain View released info that it will revamp Google Maps for desktops, while also providing an advance look at the new Android and iOS versions. The mobile versions of Google Maps will feature a more personalized navigation with an all-new rating system and provide offers from...


Google Maps Redesigned With a Mobile Focus


Google Maps dominates the web when it comes to ease of use, information, directions, and all together utility.  But that doesn’t mean that the search giant is willing to rest on their laurels. According to the official Google System’s Blog, Google will soon relaunch a redesign that removes the sidebar...

ountain Summit Street View

Google Maps Features New Mountain Summit Street View


Have you ever wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, but don’t have the funds or the courage to do so? Well now Google Maps is letting you virtually climb Mount Kilimanjaro  and other extreme steeps via their new Mountain Summit Street View. Their new summit shots are thanks to Google’s Dan Fredinburg,...

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10 of the Most Effective Tools to Avoid Traffic (list)


Traffic is getting worse! According to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s annual survey of U.S. metro area traffic, Washington D.C. ranked #1 for the most time spent in gridlock;  in 2011, drivers there spent 67 hours delayed in traffic, at a cost per vehicle of $1,398 in wasted productivity and 32 gallons...

Google Maps vs Apple Maps_featured

Google Maps vs. Apple Maps iOS (comparison)


Now that Google Maps for iOS is out after a brief 3-month hiatus, millions have downloaded it with anticipation. But is it better than the built-in Apple Maps app that every iPhone 5 and now all iOS 6 devices come paired with? And if so, how? You might think “absolutely,...