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Google Glass V2 Is On The Way… But Will It Save Glass?


Google Glass was an experiment that the company was hoping to turn into a full-fledged phenomenon. As you might notice from naked eyes across the world, that did not go entirely as planned. Even Google’s CEO has more or less given up on the old version of the device. We...


Google Glass Becomes A Gunsight


Oh, this won’t be controversial at all: Tactical sight company Trackingpoint has decided to make Google Glass an accessory to their networked sights, allowing you to, in theory, fire around corners and otherwise put a bullet where normally you’d need an elaborate tool to do so. High Aims It’s actually...


Reminder: Google Glass Is Available Tomorrow…Sort Of


Google Glass is arguably one of the more controversial items of technology out there, and if nothing else, it’s definitely exclusive. And you might just be able to get your crack at one tomorrow, provided you’re quick on the draw. Glass Menagerie Google Glass is, of course, Google’s attempt to...


Wetley Brings Prescription Frames To Google Glass


One of the biggest problems many Glass Explorers have with Google Glass is, simply, you can’t wear eyeglasses with it. The device is designed to be the only thing sitting on your face at all times. Wetley, though, has just released a solution that solves this problem. Properly Framed This...

2015 Genesis Works With Google Glass

Hyundai 2015 Genesis Will Work With Google Glass


Hyundai is taking car technology to new levels with their 2015 Genesis that will allow owners to connect to their vehicle using wearable devices like Google Glass. Their cloud-based Blue Link platforms allows for features like remote start and service information accessible via Google Glass and other similar devices. The Blue...


Move Over Google Glass, Vuzix Has Its Own Smart Glasses


Google’s Glass has some competition! Vuzix has announced its M2000AR HMD smart glasses that benefits from the new Wavequide optics that’s built in partnership with Nokia. While Google Glass is meant to be for the general population, Vuzix’s smart glasses is targeted toward industrial users, but one for consumers isn’t far behind....

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What Google’s Planning For Google Glass


Google Glass is still a hard product to get your hands on, not least because Google is limiting the supply. But increasingly it’s looking like we’re going to get a shot at Glass as a consumer product sooner rather than later, and Google wants to ensure we’ve got the necessary...

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Google Glass Gets A Slight Upgrade, Lots Of Accessories


Google is on the verge of trying to sell consumers Google Glass. How that will go is up for debate: I’m personally in the camp that Google will sell millions of pairs to private industry, and barely any to consumers. But either way, Glass got redesigned, and got some fancy...